Haymond Rankin cayman islands obudsman employee

Haymond Rankin

Data Protection Analyst

Mr Haymond Rankin first joined the Office of the Ombudsman in 2019 as part of the Data Protection Team, where he led many investigations into complex and sensitive data protection matters whilst routinely providing professional support to other departments within the organisation. He was appointed to his current role as Acting Deputy Ombudsman in the Complaints Division in August 2022, where he brings years of experience from the public and private sectors. 

Mr Rankin holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from the University of Tampa, is a qualified Attorney-at-Law in the Cayman Islands, and a Certified Mediator in Civil and Commercial Disputes.

Mr Rankin has served as a Member of the Cadet Corps Committee, Chairman of the Cayman Islands Pharmacy Council, and valued Member of the Cayman Islands Health Practice Commission. He also worked in a senior capacity at a local retail bank and held various posts in law firms in the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom. 

With a depth of experience across the various practice areas relevant to the Office of the Ombudsman's functions, Mr Rankin understands the need to ensure fairness and responsiveness in all matters. Mr Rankin is committed to providing leadership and direction in the innovative and strategic management of the organisation. He is also dedicated to working with the Ombudsman to review and investigate public interest matters and complaints under the Complaints (Maladministration) Act, The Whistleblower Protection Act, and the Police (Complaints by the Public) Act. Moreover, Mr Rankin is keen to improve public awareness of the Office of the Ombudsman's work and to deal with any injustice caused by improper, unreasonable, or inadequate conduct on the part of any government entity, including public authorities and private sector employers, following the parameters established by the relevant laws.