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Service Delivery Complaints

Any member of the public is entitled to make a complaint to the Ombudsman if they believe they have not been appropriately dealt with by a member of the Office of the Ombudsman. The complainant should complete and sign the Internal Complaint Form. If, for any reason, any complainant is unable to complete the form on their own they will be assisted by a member of the Office of the Ombudsman.

Submit your completed form to the Ombudsman

  • Upon receipt, the complaint form will be date stamped, logged and scanned into the Office’s Case Tracker System as per standard office procedure.
  • As the complainant you will receive a copy of your complaint. The original is kept by the Office of the Ombudsman.
  • All complaints are forwarded to the Ombudsman within 24 hours of receipt. Within 5 days of receiving the complaint we will send an acknowledgement letter advising the complainant that the Ombudsman has received their complaint, and providing the time line for a response.
  • The Ombudsman endeavours to conduct her investigation and provide her findings within 30 calendar days. However, she may inform the complainant in writing of any delay and the reasons for it, as well as the expected length of the delay.
  • The Ombudsman will provide her written response not later than 60 days from receipt of the complaint, including any remedies and/or apologies, where appropriate.
  • All lessons to be learned from complaints received, along with the outcomes, will be reviewed and discussed in a strictly confidential manner at staff case meetings of the Office of the Ombudsman as an effort to improve service delivery.