Guide to Data Protection Law 2017 for Data Subjects


The Data Protection Act (2021 Revision) (DPA) is a powerful piece of legislation that introduces globally recognized principles surrounding the use of personal information to the Cayman Islands. Most importantly for individuals, it introduces several rights that you can exercise and enjoy to your benefit – both towards public and private organisations.

This guide explains your new rights so you feel comfortable using them.

Before we get to your rights, though, you will need to learn a bit about data protection. Having a basic understanding of the act will help empower you in today’s world, and make you a savvier consumer of both private and public services.

If you think about it, almost everything we do today, whether online or offline, leads to information about us being gathered, stored and otherwise used.

Your email provider can read your emails, your doctor knows what illness ails you, your favorite social network knows who your friends are and what political opinions you hold, and your supermarket might very well know what special offers to send to you at home, so you can visit the store and get our favorite cheese on sale.

We trust that this information will be used responsibly, that our privacy will be respected, and that it is kept safe and secure – and that is precisely what data protection is about.

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